Emergency Surgery for Your Pet

Just like people, pets can suffer from a number of painful ailments and incidents that may require surgery as treatment. Traumas such as being hit by a car, falling from a height or experiencing a blunt force hit, can lead to emergency surgery for your pet. Although pets may not always show ill effects from traumatic incidents, they can still be affected both internally and externally. Our dedicated and experienced team at Best Friends Veterinary Hospital is here to provide emergency care and thorough examinations for your pet.

Surgical Care for Your Pet

We know that pet surgery can be a stressful time filled with anxiety, and our team is devoted to providing and reassuring a highly positive and compassionate experience for your pet. During the surgery process, the Best Friends team will provide 24/7 monitoring, intravenous fluid therapy and pain management for your pet. Our team of specialists will care for your  pet both pre and post surgery to provide the best outcome possible.

Soft Tissue, Orthopedic and Laser Pet Surgery

Best Friends offers various types of pet surgeries to help improve the health of your pet including soft tissue, orthopedic and laser surgeries. With the safest anesthetic practices, especially with high-risk patients, modern equipment and surgical procedures, and the use the AAHA Standards of sterilization on all surgeries, we strive to offer a safe and positive experience for your pet operation,  Pet patients are continually monitored by vertinerian, veterinary technicians and modern equipment through the entire anesthetic and surgery process until a full recovery is reached.

Soft Tissue
Pet Surgeries:

Orthopedic Pet Surgeries:

Laser Pet Surgeries: