Laser therapy is very similar to massage therapy. It is helpful with lessening pain, healing of a surgical/open wound, decreasing swelling and relaxation of the affected muscles in your pet. Your dog or cat can benefit from laser therapy after having surgery to help with bleeding and healing of the surgical wound.

Benefits of Laser Therapy in Pets

Laser therapy at Best Friends Veterinary Hospital can help take away the need for medications and increase your pets range of motion after a surgery or arthritis. Laser therapy can also be helpful in animals who have diseases or decreased organ function. Most animals find laser therapy relaxing and enjoying.

Frequency and Side Effects of Laser Therapy in Pets

The amount of laser therapy treatment needed depends on the type of injury or problem that occurs in your pet. In dogs or cats with surgical wounds, laser therapy may be needed on a daily basis, whereas in animals with a chronic problem, such as arthritis, weekly laser therapy may be a good solution. Laser therapy has very few side effects and can benefit your pet greatly. The Best Friends team is highly trained to administer laser therapy on dogs and cats in need.