Whether your pet has been with you since he was a pup or came into your life as an adult, your senior pet is a loved companion and an important part of your family. Senior pet care is not difficult, but you should be aware of some measures that will need to be taken to help your pet stay healthy and well for as long as possible. At Best Friends Veterinary Hospital, we can help your senior pet enjoy his golden years by staying healthy.

Since our pets age at a faster rate than humans, we recommend an exam every six months after your pet reaches the age 7 in order to help them live a longer, happier life. Good senior pet healthcare requires attention to several factors:

Regular exams and testing allow us to determine what is normal for your pet, and knowing these results helps us detect any abnormalities early. An early diagnosis is crucial to your pet’s health and may also greatly reduce treatment costs.

Stay Up to Date On Vaccines

No matter how old he is, your senior pet needs to be up to date on his vaccinations. At his age, your pet is more susceptible to a number of illnesses, so vaccines are essential to ensure his health.

Make Wellness Care a Priority

Your senior pet is more likely to develop an illness or be injured because he isn’t as agile or hardy as he once was. Regular wellness visits can help us detect early signs of illness and promptly treat any concerns. Your Crossville veterinarian will give your pet a comprehensive exam from nose to tail and look for any signs of illness. This careful attention will go a long way towards keeping your pet well.

Adjust His Diet
if Needed

A senior pet may not be as active as he once was, but you may still be feeding him the same amount you always have. If your pet has gained a few pounds or is just not as active as he used to be, it might be time to switch to another food. Some foods are specifically designed with senior pets in mind, which might also help your pet stay healthy. If your pet is obese, it is time to make a plan that includes weight loss. All those extra pounds are heavy on his joints and tough on his heart. Dropping excess weight in a slow and healthy way can benefit your senior pet if he is currently overweight.

We're Here for Your Senior Pet

We understand how important your senior pet is to you and your family, and we are committed to ensuring he feels his best as the years go by. Contact our veterinarian at Best Friends Veterinary Hospital right away if you have a concern, or to schedule a well visit to help him stay healthy. 

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