Wellness Blood Work

When a veterinarian mentions blood work, many pet owners assume the worst.  However, these tests are often an essential part of cat and dog wellness care.  In many cases, they reveal valuable information that suggests treatment that is often less extreme or less expensive than an owner feared.  For the furry patients who visit Best Friends Veterinary Hospital, these tests can help combat illness and contribute to a long and happy life.

When Does a Pet Need Blood Work?

Pet blood work serves four basic purposes.  Veterinarians often recommend it as the initial diagnostic step when a pet is ill or injured.  Anesthesia is filtered through the liver and kidneys, so our doctors also test blood before a surgical or dental procedure requiring anesthesia.  This reveals when anesthesia is safe for a pet or any modifications that might be required. Same-day tests sometimes eliminate the need for pet fasting.

Blood tests are also a part of pet wellness.  They serve as an important preventative tool during recommended annual or bi-annual exams.  Finally, blood test results help veterinarians monitor medication and make necessary adjustments.

How Our Practice Uses These Test

In most cases, our blood tests are in-house and available within 30 minutes.  Certain tests must be sent out for analysis.The four most common tests our veterinarian is likely to suggest during a pet exam include:
When blood work results are abnormal, our vet can quickly decide what should be the next step.  It might be performing additional testing or beginning treatment.  Blood tests are often the first line of defense against illness and save owners and their pets time traveling back and forth to see a veterinarian, receive a diagnosis, and begin treatment.