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AAHA Certified Vet in Crossville, TN

Best Friends Veterinary Hospital in Crossville, TN is humbled to be your pet's veterinarian. To ensure that you both receive consistently exceptional care from us, we work hard to maintain our certification with the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA). AAHA signifies our commitment to delivering the highest standard of veterinary medicine to our patients and clients every day. It requires our team to meet, or exceed, over 900 veterinary standards of quality. You can be assured that we are giving your pet the very best care each time you visit, but we invite you to see the difference for yourself!

What is the American Animal Hospital Association?

AAHA was founded in 1933 by veterinarians who wanted to improve the standard of veterinary care throughout the US and Canada. No other accrediting organization exists for animal hospitals, and becoming an AAHA certified vet is completely voluntary. AAHA continuously aims to improve and innovate veterinary care to meet the ever-evolving needs of pets and their families, and AAHA certified practices strive to do the same for their patients and clients.

AAHA establishes and refines a wide range of guidelines for veterinary practices to follow. These guidelines cover everything from vaccinations and anesthesia to senior pet care, chronic disease management, dental care, preventive care, and end-of-life care. And that's just the start.

AAHA officially certifies practices that are able to comply with the organization's 900+ standards, and practices must be inspected every few years to maintain their certification.

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Why AAHA is Important for You and Your Pet

At Best Friends Veterinary Hospital in Crossville, TN, we pledge to exceed your expectations and care for your pet as we would our own. Our doctors and staff are here to guide, support, and educate you in your pet's care, and do everything possible to ensure a healthy, happy life for your best friend.

Our AAHA certification is important for you because it gives you the peace of mind and confidence you deserve when entrusting your pet's care to our team. You'll know that every time you visit, we're complying with the highest veterinary standards in the industry and providing your pet with personalized, comprehensive care in a safe and loving environment.

To learn more about AAHA, please visit AAHA.org!
You are also welcome to speak with our team about AAHA by calling (931) 459-2006 (Crossville).