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Best Friends Veterinary Hospital in Cookeville uses outstanding equipment, complies with strict safety protocols, and goes the extra mile to provide warm, empathetic service to you and your pet. In addition, our animal hospital is staffed with professionals who take extra measures to eliminate fearfulness, anxiety, and stress in our patients. We employ low-stress handling and use pheromones, treats, and other techniques to make visits to the vet much more pleasant!

Contact us at (931) 881-2037 or request an appointment!

What to Expect When You Visit

Our goal is to make you and your pet feel right at home when you visit our animal hospital in Cookeville, TN. Medicine is just part of what we do—we also build lasting relationships with our clients and patients to instill trust and confidence. Clear communication and understanding are crucial to the partnership between the veterinarian, pet owner, and pet. We’re passionate about helping pets stay healthy and enjoy long, happy lives with their families, and we think it shows!

Here are a few things you can expect when you come in to see us:

  • When you first arrive, please check in at the front desk with our customer service representative (CSR).
  • The CSR will check your pet’s weight and then usher you and your pet into an exam room.
  • One of our vet assistants or technicians will enter the exam room and speak with you to obtain a health history for your pet and find out the reason for your pet’s visit.
  • Next, your veterinarian will come in to perform an examination, answer your questions, and discuss treatment options for any issues your pet is having.

Please note: We are not currently operating curbside, but if you need help with your pet, give us a call at (931) 881-2037.

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Learn About Our Veterinary Services in Cookeville, TN

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Payment Options and Pet Insurance

We would be happy to answer any questions you have regarding pet insurance or alternative payment options. Just give us a call at (931) 881-2037!

Our hospital can provide CareCredit payment plans to help you manage your pet’s care costs. CareCredit is a card that can be used for human medical services as well as veterinary care, and it covers everything from routine visits to major surgeries. You can choose a monthly financing option that best suits your budget and doesn’t charge interest.

Click here to apply or learn more about CareCredit.

Scratchpay is a little different in that you don’t get a card. However, you can still select a monthly payment plan, and all payment plans through Scratchpay are subject to approval.

Learn more about Scratchpay here.

Trupanion is a popular pet insurance provider that can prove invaluable in the event of unexpected and major treatment costs for your pet. Unlike with human insurance, you are responsible for filing your insurance claims—however, we would be happy to provide any paperwork you need to do so!

Trupanion offers different plans that cover a wide range of conditions and services, from hereditary diseases to preventative care and diagnostic testing.

For more information about Trupanion pet insurance, click here.

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