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Exotic Pet Care in Cookeville, TN

We are happy to welcome rabbits, ferrets, birds, and reptiles as patients here at Best Friends Veterinary Hospital. The health needs of exotic pets vary almost as widely as their physical characteristics, and our veterinarians will partner with you to provide the wellness and preventative care they need to thrive. Most health concerns with exotic pets can be avoided with proper husbandry and diet. If your pet needs more specialized treatment, we can connect you with a trusted, licensed exotic veterinarian in the area.

Did you recently adopt an exotic pet, or are you looking for a vet to help you meet their wellness needs?

Services to Help You Care for Your Exotic Pet

Some of our doctors here in Cookeville have an interest in exotic pets and providing general care to help them stay healthy. Our services for exotic pets include:

  • Post-purchase wellness exams and yearly, preventative health checkups to discuss nutrition and husbandry
  • Vaccinations for ferrets, raccoons, and foxes
  • Nail, beak, and wing trims for birds
  • Diagnostics, including X-rays and bloodwork (bloodwork is sent to an outside lab for non-emergent conditions)
  • Incisor trimming for rabbits and other rodents (refer out for extensive dental care)
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Why Yearly Exams are Essential

Our exotic pet patients are skilled at concealing signs of illness. Typically, when we see an exotic pet that is noticeably ill, we have to refer them to a specialist for aggressive care and hospitalization. At Best Friends Veterinary Hospital, our goal is to help you prevent illness in your pet as much as possible so they can live the healthiest, longest life they can. Yearly physical exams and bloodwork allow for the early detection of illness, and overall health maintenance. Additionally, we can discuss various aspects of your pet’s care and educate you about their needs so you can make informed decisions about their treatment.

We look forward to answering any questions you have about your exotic pet and helping you take the best care of them. Call 931-881-2037 to speak with our team and schedule an appointment!