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Life Stage Pet Wellness Care in Cookeville and Crossville, TN

To stay healthy and optimally protected from parasites, viruses, and other problems, your pet should see us at least once a year for their wellness visit, or every 6 months if they are a senior. Pet wellness visits are vital because they can reveal subtle changes in your pet’s health, and give us essential information about their overall condition. We want to help you make sure your dog, cat, or exotic pet is staying healthy and pain-free. Routine pet wellness exams with our teams in Cookeville and Crossville can give your companion the chance to live the long life they deserve!

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What to Expect from a Pet Wellness Exam

Regular exams are important for all dogs and cats, and pet wellness care is tailored to each pet’s specific needs. Wellness exams are crucial to catching any issues before they become serious and provide our team with important information about your pet’s health.

Feline Wellness Exams

Canine Wellness Exams

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Why Does My Pet Need Routine Exams and Bloodwork?

Preventing illness before it can even start is our primary goal for your pet. Routine exams and bloodwork enable us to detect possible underlying illnesses at an early stage or prevent illness altogether by administering the appropriate vaccine boosters and parasite preventatives. Your pet’s nutrition is extremely important, and our team will happily offer diet recommendations with your pet’s unique needs in mind.

We Can Microchip Your Pet, Too

Microchipping provides dogs and cats with a permanent form of ID that you won’t have to worry about losing. Your pet will have their microchip for life! During your pet’s wellness visit, we can give them their microchip, which has its own unique ID number. We will also provide you with the documents you need to register your pet’s microchip into the required database so it’s connected to your name and contact information.