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Offering Cat and Dog Spay and Neuter Surgery in Cookeville and Crossville, TN

At Best Friends Veterinary Hospital, we recognize the importance of spaying and neutering in maintaining the well-being of your pet and our local community. Our caring team provides top-quality spay and neuter services to ensure your pet's safety, comfort, and recovery, and is happy to answer any questions you may have about your dog or cat’s procedure.

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The Importance of Spay and Neuter Surgery

Spaying Benefits

  • Spaying female pets before their first heat reduces the risk of mammary cancer and eliminates the chance of uterine or ovarian cancer.
  • Spayed pets are less likely to wander in search of a mate.
  • Spaying prevents pyometra, a life-threatening uterine infection in female pets.

Neutering Benefits

  • Neutering helps minimize prostate problems in male pets as they age.
  • Neutering male pets reduces their risk of testicular cancer.
  • Neutering often curbs aggressive behavior in male pets.
  • Male pets are less likely to wander in search of a mate.
  • Neutering reduces territory marking in the home.

Spaying and neutering are about more than just preventing unwanted litters—they're key to your pet's overall health and behavior.

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How We Keep Your Pet Safe

At Best Friends Veterinary Hospital, your pet’s safety and comfort come first. Your veterinarian can provide an individualized recommendation on the best timing for your pet’s spay or neuter procedure. Once it is scheduled, our team will conduct a comprehensive physical exam and bloodwork to ensure your pet is fit for surgery. Here’s what to expect on the day of the surgery:

  • We use anesthesia protocols tailored to your pet’s size and health, with pain management provided before, during, and after surgery.
  • Our skilled veterinarians perform the procedure in a sterile, state-of-the-art environment.
  • We closely monitor your pet as they wake up from anesthesia to ensure a smooth recovery. You'll receive detailed instructions for at-home care and a follow-up appointment to ensure your pet is healing properly.
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Common Questions About Spaying and Neutering

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