Signs, Symptoms, and Care for a Dog Cold

Just like humans, dogs can catch colds, and it’s essential to know the signs and symptoms to provide the best care for your furry friend. If your dog is showing signs of a cold, or if you have any concerns about their health, remember that Best Friends Veterinary Hospital in Cookeville, TN at (931) 881-2037 or in Crossville at (931) 459-2006 is here to help.

Dog Cold Symptoms In Cookeville And Crossville Tn

Recognizing the Signs of a Dog Cold

Dog-cold-symptoms are similar to what humans experience when they catch a cold. Here are some common signs:

  • Sneezing: Just like in people, sneezing is a frequent sign of a cold in dogs.
  • Runny Nose: A clear discharge from the nose can indicate a cold.
  • Coughing: A mild, intermittent cough can be a symptom of a cold in dogs.
  • Lethargy: Your normally energetic dog might seem tired and less active.
  • Loss of Appetite: Dogs with a cold may eat less than usual.

Causes of Dog Colds

Colds in dogs are usually caused by viruses, but sometimes bacteria can be the reason. These germs are often spread through the air or by direct contact with infected dogs. It’s not the same virus that humans get, so you don’t have to worry about catching a cold from your dog.

When to See the Vet

If your dog shows mild cold symptoms like a runny nose or sneezing, you may not need to rush to the vet. However, if the symptoms are severe, persistent, or accompanied by other signs like difficulty breathing, it’s time to contact your vet. Puppies, senior dogs, and dogs with underlying health conditions should see a vet sooner.

Comforting Your Sick Dog

Here are some tips to help your dog feel better:

  • Keep Them Warm and Comfortable: Make sure your dog has a cozy place to rest.
  • Ensure They Stay Hydrated: Encourage your dog to drink water to stay hydrated.
  • Nutritious Food: Offer them nutritious food to keep their strength up.
  • Humidifier: A humidifier in the room can help ease breathing difficulties.

Preventing Dog Colds

While you can’t always prevent a cold, you can reduce the risk by keeping your dog away from sick dogs and maintaining good hygiene. Regular vet check-ups are also important to keep your dog’s immune system strong.

Recognizing Warning Signs

Sometimes, what seems like a cold can be a more serious condition like kennel cough or canine influenza. If your dog’s symptoms are severe, don’t wait to see your vet.

Contact Best Friends Veterinary Hospital for Your Pet’s Care

Catching a cold is not uncommon for dogs, and in most cases, they recover without any complications. Knowing the signs and symptoms of a dog cold, and how to care for your sick dog, can help them feel better faster. If you’re ever in doubt about your dog’s health or their symptoms seem severe, contact Best Friends Veterinary Hospital in Cookeville, TN at (931) 881-2037 or in Crossville at (931) 459-2006. We’re here to ensure your dog gets the best possible care. Let’s keep our furry friends happy and healthy all year round!

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