for Your Pet

Blood pressure monitoring is very important in animals to ensure your pet does not develop high blood pressure. Maintaining a good blood pressure for an animal can start at home. Having a nice, stress-free home environment, good eating and drinking habits and exercise all help with your pet’s blood pressure. Blood pressure is monitored in all pets, but especially in pets with diseases such as renal failure, diabetes and hyperthyroidism. 

Blood pressure monitoring plays a big part in anesthetic procedures and surgeries and can also be an indicator with diagnosing other health issues with your pet. Just as in humans, animals can suffer from high blood pressure while being in the veterinary hospital, so multiple readings are taken while in the clinic to help your pet recognize what is happening during their visit. Pet blood pressure is taken with a cuff around the foot, leg or sometimes the tail. 

The well-trained staff at Best Friends Veterinary Hospital is here to help keep your pet safe and healthy with blood pressure monitoring and other vet services.